Apollo's Lore, Without The Pains To Study It
Another Victory Over The Sun
Full Disclosure Book
Sonata Bathetique in C-
EROS Press
Through Europe

Rebecca La Marre is an artist when she is not a writer or editor.
Rebecca La Marre prepares to become an object that speaks
when she is not a person.


Exhibition at Memphis, Linz
Resident artist at studio das weisse haus
part of Exhibition Destination Wien 2015
text on John Berger's "And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief as Photos" for E.R.O.S. Death: Post Funera Vita


Art writing symposium at Galleri Box in Gothenburg, Sweden, 2014
"What Thinks Me" at Taiga, St. Petersberg, Russia, June 27th & Workshop with Amelia Groom 2014
Reading Group on New Materialism led with Ami Clarke and Karen di Franco
Reading and Launch of E.R.O.S MAN at Motto Berlin 2014
Recipient of award from The Arts Council of England
Launch of E.R.O.S MAN at X Marks The Bokship on Good Friday, 2014
Performance at Senate House event "Their Eyes Travel Across The Pages" 2014
Text published in TAG Journal
2014 Performance Lecture at the High Institute of Humanities in Jendouba, Tunisia 2014
PS1 New York Art Book Fair
with Brad Troemel and Lauren Christiansen